The Lakelanders Update August 2019


Currently the people held responsible for the management of the page are Billy and Royce, this was decided in June 2018 as the preferred way forward following on from several occasions which showed us that our previous method of democratic operation wasn’t sustainable or effective, too many differing opinions often led to unnecessary conflict.

Aside from those 2 we will always aim to have 8 other contributing members.


All decisions relating to the general running of the page will be made by Billy and Royce and will ask for feedback and opinions from members when necessary to facilitate the best interests of the page..


Any questions you may have can be addressed to one of the two above as opposed to the old group chat which just created more issues than it resolved.


It doesn’t matter who you message as both of us will discuss all of the messages sent in as a group to best help, resolve or answer whatever is brought to our attention.

As a group we had discussed how we believe the page should operate and what our primary objective should be. For this we went back to the original ethos of the group which, when we started was "To be the premier Lake District instagram hub" We believe we at one point deviated from this along the way in favour of more engaging igers with their own 'unique' styles. The page was becoming more about the members than the area we love to promote, we have since tried to get the membership back up to the place we wished it to be, which is good photographers with a genuine passion for the area we wish to showcase.

To achieve this we need to take collective responsibility in driving this forward with two main priorities. These are as follows in order of importance:

Primary : Inspiring

This would include :
Quality imagery
Detailed description
Informative about the locale


Secondary: Responsibility

Take ownership on your day on the page through;
Engagement; Commenting and liking #thelakelanders tagged posts, replying to comments on our posts
Answering page DMs
Input as requested eg Instameets, potential members etc 

It is important that you stick to the posting times to remain consistent and give yourselves and the featured photographers the best chance of being seen. Times etc. can be found below.



The Brief


We post twice a day every day of the year, each member posts their own shot in the morning and a chosen (featured from images tagged #thelakelanders) shot in the evening. That’s just a general guideline, if you’d prefer to share two features as opposed to posting one of your own  then that’s completely fine on the odd occasion as long as the featured post meets our mission statement, but we have a large audience and we want you to get the exposure you deserve while committing your time working on the page.


Each member posts once every 10 days.

Please note we don’t follow anyone else – just the 10 members of our team, this is for two reasons, firstly, it gives our own membership visibility on the page, and secondly we all have our own pages so can choose to follow whoever we like, there is no real value in following other accounts from our page.


The purpose of the Lakelanders is to share the beauty of the lakes. We also want to share information and tips relating to the locations we showcase, providing a snippet of information in your post description (see below). We believe we have the quality within the group to make our group the premier LD hub.

In terms of features, we’ve recently learned that aiming for high quality imagery in our features has led (we believe) to a drop in engagement on the page, we have been guilty of choosing similar features and quite a few from ‘The usual suspects”. We are keen to try and address this by varying the accounts we feature as much as possible, also we’re keen to show a different side to the lakes than just the grand vistas


The members have been chosen due to the rest of the group believing that they add quality to the group. As our primary goal is Quality of images, we love to share the beautiful scenery we are blessed with locally and try to inspire people to get out and see new places.





An outline of your day running the page:


1. Post your own shot in the morning anywhere between 5.30 – 8.30am depending on your work commitments etc. A short story intro is preferable and a reminder for people to continue tagging their shots with #thelakelanders, but if unsure just have a look at recent member posts and follow suit in a similar but personal fashion. It's important that we reply to all comments on our posted shots throughout the day as this helps with page engagement driving traffic to the page.


We wish to include a little local information pertaining to the area of your image, such as parking, easy/tough walk, nearby pubs etc, as the primary purposes of the page was to provide information and beautiful imagery, we’ve all been guilty of missing information from time to time and it can get a little repetitive but we can only do our best.

NB: If you are unable to post one day between those hours then just drop one of us a message and send your shot and blurb and someone will be happy to post it for you.


2. At various points through the day where time is available please check the shots tagged #thelakelanders and like / comment on them, try not to be too generic 'nice shot' etc. Engage if possible, make them feel valued for tagging us, this can take a little getting used to but it boosts our page engagement no end as these people will be more likely to return the favour on our own posts. You can also search under other similar terms #lakedistrict; #thelakedistrict etc but this is more a secondary priority if time is available.

Also, if plausible Keep a watch on a handful of people who like your post and go on their page and like back where appropriate and also making sure we are responding to all comments left on our posts.

 You can also respond to queries / questions from people who send messages during your day via DM. Engagement is crucial to growing the page and we’ve all been doing a great job in the last few months although we could definitely improve on this aspect.

**Please try to remember that we don’t follow anyone other than our own members, this shows followers who we are, a few of us on occasion have accidentally followed people off the page leading to awkward conversations.


3. In the evening between 6-9pm post your choice of tagged #thelakelanders shots (some of us send the URL of our favourite images to ourselves as texts so we can keep them all in one place as a reminder while looking through the tags – make your choice and post. 

We leave it to the featured tog to respond to comments where appropriate on the features. Briefly check back a few posts to make sure you aren’t posting similar scenes or the same people over and over again.

The easiest way to get the images to share for the posts are just to screenshot them and then crop


Any questions just shout up and we'll help wherever we can.

 Below is an updated schedule so that we all know who we follow when it our day, I’d suggest setting a recurring alarm so that you don’t miss your day to post.

The page details and password are below:


Password: CumbriaIsAwesome


**When it is not your day please sign out of the page until it's your turn to run it again**

One of us two will always remain signed in to the page to pick up anything missed and to catch any messages or anything that come in unrelated to the days post or stories (I'll leave them for the OP to deal with).


Schedule beginning Sunday 2nd September:

Billy Redden

Carmen Norman

Stuart McGlennon

Tim Moore

Nicola Bolton

Andy Jones

Tim Dove

Adrian Harrison

Royce Meckin

Dan Thwaites

We hope you enjoy being a Lakelander and that you get as much pleasure out of it as we have.


We're looking forward to working alongside you all



Billy and Royce